Grandpa Bill’s Dog Rescue Kin App Review

One of the most professional Unity-based Kin Games we have seen is Grandpa Bill’s Dog Rescue (GBDR). It’s a very addictive puzzle game where you must organise dog treats so they get eaten! You can purchase power-ups with $KIN in the later levels where it get’s really hard. This is 100+ levels of BONE CRUNCHING … Read moreGrandpa Bill’s Dog Rescue Kin App Review

What Exchanges is $KIN on?

Bithumb Global will open trading for KIN in <24 hours ! KIN/USDT Bithumb Global is ranked 30th in global exchange volume, coming in at $72 Million average 24 hour volume. It was launched in May 2019 for the international market, based off the success of the Korean exchange Bithumb, ranked 5th in global exchange volume … Read moreWhat Exchanges is $KIN on?

How Kin Ads Drives $KIN Demand

Kin Ads Launches with 5 Kin Apps Who Spend 427k & Earn 700k Per Month Kin Ads have launched their Ad platform using the Kin currency with 5 big name Kin Apps running it at launch. This drives demand and value for Kin by making it easy for Kin App developers to integrate Ads into … Read moreHow Kin Ads Drives $KIN Demand