Grandpa Bill’s Dog Rescue Kin App Review

One of the most professional Unity-based Kin Games we have seen is Grandpa Bill’s Dog Rescue (GBDR). It’s a very addictive puzzle game where you must organise dog treats so they get eaten! You can purchase power-ups with $KIN in the later levels where it get’s really hard. This is 100+ levels of BONE CRUNCHING fun!!!

Join Grandpa Bill in his quest to rescue 1000 stray and abandoned dogs. Each time you meet a dog, you will have to feed them by matching pieces together. Match enough pieces and they will follow you home. Keep matching to rescue all the dogs! The level difficulty starts from easy to hard for all the dog lovers to love!

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What’s the Grandpa Bill’s Dog Rescue App About?

Grandpa Bill’s Dog Rescue (GBDR) is a fun puzzle game where you have to re-arrange dog treats into 3 or 4 in a row or column. When you do this they disappear and new treats come down from the top of the screen.

For each level you are given a goal. It could be to get a total amount of points or line up a certain type of dog treat. Throughout the game you earn points and at the end of each successfully completed level you get $KIN.

What Can You Spend Your $KIN On ?

You can spend you $KIN on different power-ups like:

  • Squeeky Ball – Removes all nearby treats (Does not count towards collections)
  • Switch – If you get stuck, you can Switch two treats to line up the next set
  • Can of Dog Food – Removes all the treats of the same type that are swapped with it
  • Run out of Time – If it is a timed level and the clock hits zero, you can buy more time with $KIN
  • Run out of Moves – If you only get a limited amount of moves, to complete a level, you can buy more if you run out

How Many Levels Are There?

There are approximately ~150 levels in GBDR, which would take 10 hours to complete from start to finish. This is a great game to can pickup when you have a couple of minutes to complete another level. Very addictive and in the later levels you pretty much have to spend $KIN on power-ups to finish them.

What KIN Activities are Available in the Grandpa Bill’s Dog Rescue Game?

  • Spends – As described above, you can buy power-ups like Squeeky Ball, Switch & Can of Dog Food. If you fail or exit a level, your hearts decrease to zero, you can spend $KIN to get another life. You can also buy additional time or moves within a level by hitting the + button.
  • Earns – you can earn more spends in the App by clicking the + button at the top right of the map screen. This lets you watch some Ads to earn Kin. It doesn’t appear to be linked the new Kin Ads platform just yet.
  • Tourism – the tourism feature does not appear to be enabled in this app

How active is this app?

In App Spenders

In App Earns

In App Tourists

No Tourism feature (cross-app KIN transfers) at this time.

Did You Know?

Grandpa Bill is a Kids Book published in 2015?

When was Grandpa Bill’s Dog Rescue Last Updated?

On the Android App Store, this app was last updated on 21st April 2020.

Shout out to the developer, Neon Game Studios for being super responsive on Reddit and always responding to bug fixes, feedback and communicating to the Kin Community on new updates!

Where can I Download Grandpa Bill’s Dog Rescue Kin App?

It’s only available on the Android Play Store. Check it out!

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  • Fun for all ages
  • Well designed
  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Power-up Spends
  • Constant Updates and New Levels


  • Crashed Once

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