How Kin Ads Drives $KIN Demand

Kin Ads Launches with 5 Kin Apps Who Spend 427k & Earn 700k Per Month

Kin Ads have launched their Ad platform using the Kin currency with 5 big name Kin Apps running it at launch. This drives demand and value for Kin by making it easy for Kin App developers to integrate Ads into their Kin App.

How Big are these 5 Kin Apps?

To get an idea of the size and amount of users, we only have to look at the Kin Stats to see how many Kin Monthly Active Spenders (MAS) and Monthly Active Earners (MAE) they have.

Kin Integrated App NameMonthly Active Spenders (MAS)
(Users with at least one spend over the last 30 days)
Kin Integrated App NameMonthly Active Earners (MAE)
(Users with at least one earn over the last 30 days)

How Does Kin Ads Work?

You can read more information over at the official Kin Ads website

What is the Kin Ads Process Flow?

  1. Kin user is served an ad
  2. Ad network revenue is logged & reported on by the contributing app
  3. Revenue is Programmaticaly transferred to market making partner
  4. Dollars sent to Exchange
  5. Kin sent back to Market Making Partner
  6. Kin paid to the Apps

What Does Kin Ads Look Like?

This is how Kin Ads looks within the MadLipz App

How Much Does Each Ad Pay?

At the time of writing, from within Peerbet, watching a 30 second ad paid out 750 Kin.

Developer Pay Out Time Decreases

Unlike other Ad Platforms which pay out after the culmination of 6 to 12 months of Ad revenue, Kin Ads pays developers after 30 days.

How Do Developer Integrate Kin Ads?

Visit the official Kin Ads website and email them to get on board !

It is an SDK that an app implements to plug into Ad networks such as Adx, MoPub, IronSource, Samato, Rubicon, list goes on. o advertisers initially don’t see anything to do with Kin and thats ok! and the reason is, because we are tapping into already well established infrastructure with a lot of money flowing through it and on day 1 we do not have to convince any advertiser to do a “Kin” campaign.

Kin Ads Reddit Announcement

So How Does Kin Ads Drive Demand for Kin?

Our approach is to onboard existing Kin Ecosystem apps into an already setup Kin Ad Network and use the ad-revenue generated on those Kin apps, to convert that income into kin purchases on the open market and therefore causing buying pressure.

Kin Blog Announcement Post

So What’s Next for Kin Ads?

Once we get really good at serving and optimizing eCPMs for the apps, who we serve we are exploring the opportunity of developing other parts of the project. This could include modules, new ad formats, creative, agency partners ect.

Kin Ads Reddit Announcement

Visit the Kin Ads website to integrate the platform to your app now! Otherwise just download the Kin Apps above to check out how seamless it is 🙂

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