$KIN Wallets Supporting Solana SPL

The official Kin Blog has announced 5 new wallets will support the new Solana-based $KIN ! If you already have ERC-20 or Stellar-based KIN, don’t worry, just read this.

Math Wallet $KIN Support

  • Platforms: Website, Browser Plugin, iPhone Testflight & Android.
  • Kin Support: At launch
  • Website: mathwallet.org

Torus Wallet $KIN Support

  • Platforms: Integrates with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Line, Reddit, Apple, Github, Twitch, LinkedIn, WeChat and Kakao.
  • Kin Support: Access to your wallet will be in January 2021.
  • Website: app.tor.us

Coin98 Wallet $KIN Support

  • Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Kin Support: Coin98 will support SPL Kin as well as the conversion of ERC20 Kin to SPL Kin (guide)
  • Website: coin98.app

Solong Wallet $KIN Support

Bonfida Wallet $KIN Support

  • Platform: Web
  • KIN Support: Support at launch 8th Dec 2020
  • Website: bonfida.com

Wallets Supporting $KIN SPL Soon

Trust Wallet – Awaiting Governance Vote – 83.25% Yes

Governance Vote

Atomic Wallet – Kin team actively trying to get support

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  1. What exactly in is happening? Is there a link that explains what we need to do exactly. Haven’t been following in awhile. My kin are on atomic wallet. Kin is changing it’s name? Even exchange on what wallet and directions etc. Thanks

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