KinFit Kin App Review

What’s the KinFit App About?

The KinFit app lets you earn real cryptocurrency, from being active. It syncs up with your smart devices to track the number of steps you take. “Walk and Get Paid!”

What Can I Do in the KinFit App?

KinFit Features

  • Syncs with Fitbit or Google Fit, to get your step count for the day
  • Earn KIN from steps
  • Activate the DOUBLER feature for a small fixed amount of KIN, so you can earn 2x more for the day. (Good if you are going for a big run)
  • NEW 24th June feature – STREAK – You get more KIN for each consecutive day you use the app
  • You can now send KIN out of the app and save the destination addresses

How active is this app?

In App Spenders

Sourced 25th June 2020 – Tableau

In App Earns

In App Tourists

Is KinFit Moving to Solana?

It is confirmed on Reddit, that KinFit is migrating to the new Kin/Solana SDKs.

Where can I download KinFit?



App Performance


Development Updates


Sticky Factor


Fun Factor



  • Syncs with Fitbit or Google Fit
  • KIN Doubler is cool
  • Streak feature has sticky factor
  • Backup Wallet works


  • Doesn't work with Garmin Connect (Android)

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