Pause For Kin App Review

Pause For is an app that rewards you in $KIN for doing nothing! Literally, you set the timer and you cannot touch your phone for that time period. In reward for not being a phone zombie, you can give to a cause and also get $KIN.

What is Pause For Kin App About?

The Pause For app has recently introduced new features!

  • Betting – You can bet $Kin on yourself. Back yourself and if you complete the pause successfully, your reward is doubled !
  • Global Tallies – On the home page it now shows you how many people globally have donated to a cause (At time of writing 9060 meals were donated for hunger!) ** may need to restart app to update the tally score
  • Streaks – Complete a pause at least once a day to keep your streak alive
  • Reminders – In the More tab, choose the time and days you want to be reminded to pause

How can I Earn $KIN in App ?

Within the Pause For app, you earn Kin after selecting a cause and then not touching your phone for certain time periods. You can choose between earning Kin donations for hunger, dogs and trees.

The earns you make are for charity and are backed originally by the Kin Developer Program and now by various investor capital. They also receive a little Kin from the Kin Rewards Program (KRE), which according to @Polype01 was $620 USD total. Pause For then tally’s up all the donations at the end of the quarter and sends the check to the cause via Roboros.

July 2020 Update!

The biggest change in Pause For v1.0 is the way your pauses make an impact on the organizations we support… In Pause For v1.0, as soon as you finish a pause, you see your impact to the organization directly reflected. You still earn Kin, but now this Kin is used to enhance your ability to give, instead of complicating the process.

PauseFor.Us Official Website

What Can You Spend Your $KIN On?

You can also spend your hard earned $Kin on various power-ups in the Pause For Marketplace:

  • Big Pause – You get +10% minutes to next pause
  • Wizard of Pause – You get +20% to next pause
  • Grind – You get +5% to each pause for 24 hours
  • Gameday – You get +10% to each pause for 24 hours

When was Pause For App Last Updated?

The Pause For app was last updated in July 2020 for both Apple and Android !

How Active is this Kin App?

Looks like the new power-up Spends are spiking up since they were introduced. However it seems Earns are not being tracked correctly as they appear as 0. This is what the whole app is based off, Pause For then get an Earn! We will follow up with the developer Sam on this one.

Where Can I Download Pause For App?

This Kin App is available on both Apple and Android ! Click the buttons below to download.

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Pause For


App Performance


Development Updates


App Design


Sticky Factor


Fun Factor



  • Gets you off your screen, great for fitness/mental health
  • Donates to causes!
  • Lots of development updates & updated to latest Kin SDK
  • Sticky features like streaks, tally's and scheduling bring you back
  • Available in both Apple and Android


  • Tally's don't update unless you restart

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