PeerBet Kin App Review

What is the PeerBet Kin App About?

PeerBet is a fun and social betting game where you spend Kin to make bets on the latest entertainment, political and sports events.

You can earn your first Kin by watching some ads and placing some bets. There are plenty of ways to earn and spend Kin and you can even do so against your friends in various bets, leagues and global leaderboards!

How can I earn $KIN in App?

There are plenty of ways to earn Kin in the PeerBet app!

You can earn Kin by placing bets. You get rewarded for usage.

You can also watch in-app Ads to earn Kin. They normally last for 20-30 seconds. You also earn Kin when you refer a friend, normally 100 Kin! Also if your topic gets approved, you earn Kin also!

Once you earn some Kin, you can then place a bet. If you win, then get your pledged Kin back, along with the other person’s Kin too ! Double your Kin!

A new feature has been released in July 2020, called leagues, where you can group up for a sports league and if you win the most games, take the whole pot.

What can I spend my $KIN on?

There are also plenty of places to spend Kin in the PeerBet app.

  • If you created a topic for people to bet on that costs some Kin.
  • If you create a league it costs Kin
  • Whenever you pledge towards a bet, you can bet 100K, 1000K or even 10,000K !

When was Peerbet last updated?

The Android version of PeerBet, was last updated on 12th July 2020 with the following improvements:

  • PRIVATE LEAGUES: Compete against your friends in private league tables with chat
  • Access your preferred sports more quickly
  • Send Kin to anyone
  • More ways to earn Kin
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance enhancements

It is also available on the Apple App Store!

How active is the Peerbet App?

Monthly Active Spenders (MAS) for PeerBet has recently ramped up! Probably because of the recent updates for creating new leagues & topics so betting is easier.

Earns have also recently ramped up showing parabolic growth from April until June.

Where Can I Download Peerbet?

View the developers official website over at

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App Performance


Development Updates


App Design


Sticky Factor


Fun Factor



  • Plenty of topics to bet on
  • Excellent design & performance
  • Social leaderships, friends and group betting activities


  • Could be more topic categories
  • You have to wait for real world outcomes (not real-time)

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