What Exchanges is $KIN on?

Bithumb Global will open trading for KIN in <24 hours ! KIN/USDT

Bithumb Global is ranked 30th in global exchange volume, coming in at $72 Million average 24 hour volume. It was launched in May 2019 for the international market, based off the success of the Korean exchange Bithumb, ranked 5th in global exchange volume at $225 Million.

About Kin

Kin is a cryptocurrency used for microtransactions in consumer apps. Millions of people are earning and spending Kin across an ecosystem of 50+ apps, making it the most used cryptocurrency by mainstream consumers. Developers can add Kin to their existing consumer apps with a few lines of code, instantly unlocking a new monetization model. Developers are compensated through the Kin Rewards Engine which is similar to the Bitcoin Block Reward, except it pays developers for getting their users to earn and spend Kin. The apps that have integrated Kin are a mix of social apps, content platforms, and games. Users are spending Kin on content, tipping creators, and buying in-game items, and they are earning Kin by watching ads or filling out surveys. Kin is a growing mini economy in the digital world where everyone is fairly compensated for their contributions.

Read the Official Bithumb Global announcement here!

What Other Exchanges is Kin listed on?

CoinMarketCap Exchanges with >$100 USD Volume

It is a slow crawl to see Kin listed on high volume exchanges. According to CoinMarketCap, the exchanges that have greater than $100 USD volume per 24 hour period is quite small.

Exchanges that Trade KIN of Significant Daily Volume

  • CoinTigerKIN/USDT – Daily Volume $33K
  • BitForexKIN/USDT – Daily Volume $8K
  • HitBTCKIN/ETH – Daily Volume $1K
  • MercatoxKIN/ETH – Daily Volume $1K
  • HitBTCKIN/BTC – Daily Volume $300

Dont Forget, $KIN Listing on Bithumb on July 8, 2020 at 20:00 (UTC+8) !

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